I’ve been hoping that one day I could spend my birthday in Tokyo because it is one of my favorite city, and this year my wish was granted. I was sent to Tokyo by my company for a training of 2 weeks. However, since it’s for work and I didn’t know how tight the schedule would be, I didn’t arrange anything on the day but work.

It turned out my HQ coworkers were very friendly to me and they took really good care of me. On my birthday and last day in Tokyo, the team manager even took us to have some pancake in a fancy cafe just downstairs our office. It was great not just working with these guys but also hanging out with them. I had so much fun and such a great time!

I finally decided to call my long-time Tokyo friends out for a drink or two later that day. It was a last-minute invitation, so they were all up to something else, but they promised to meet me later after they finished their stuff. So before midnight, one of them finally made it, so we went to this fancy bar with great view and ordered something to drink.

We knew each other from work many years ago, and remained friends ever since even though we both changed jobs and had no business connections whatsoever. This is not the first time, but he mentioned how appreciative he is that we could become friends, not just business partners. We both agreed that when we knew each other, we couldn’t have imagined that we are still such good friends after so many years. And then he said this is my talent. I wasn’t sure what he meant, but it actually came across my mind on the same day that I’m so blessed to have so many people around me taking care of me and being so nice to me.
I’m still not sure what the “talent” is, but I do know that I treat friends around me out of a true heart. And that maybe is one thing that I never do on purpose, but from the bottom of my heart. I’ve definitely got hurt from that, but I’ve gained even more previous things in my life.

So for this year’s birthday wishes, I wish I could keep this true heart and stay genuine no matter how much difficulty I’m in. Amen.